Meryl Skoog

Hi there, I’m Meryl! I am a graphic designer who enjoys exploring branding and typography as exciting, tangible forms for user experience and visual communication. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York, I currently live and work in the city of Philadelphia. I am pursuing my MFA degree at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Learning about how people interact with various physical and digital platforms that exist in our world today inspires me to create inclusive spaces for everyone.

My love for bold color and expressive typography is prevalent throughout my work. and I always strive to use collaboration as a key component in my creative design process. I strive to use curiosity and collaboration as two key components in my creative design process.

Outside of designing, I enjoy extra curricular activities that keep me active. Some are hiking, running, and going on long walks to clear my head. I love to check out new breweries with friends and I will never say no to any type of baked good or sweet treat.