Evan Patrick Bailey

Evan Bailey is a Graphic Designer who’s passionate about finding new ways to display information. He enjoys many aspects of design, but his absolute favorite is projects that interact with physical spaces.

Hi there! I’m a Graphic Designer, Artist, and Printmaker from Portland, OR. I have two degrees, a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Printmaking from the University of Oregon and soon an MFA in Graphic and Interactive Design from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. At Tyler, I focused in my interests in Experiential Graphic Design. Before this, I was exploring many different areas of design, but nothing seemed to click with me. I think it’s because so much of design right now is on a digital platform and only seems to exist on screens. What I love about XGD is that it melds together the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, and Graphic Design to create a unique experience that elevates design outside of the computer screen.