Four of a Kind,

the 2018 Tyler School of Art

MFA Show featuring the work of:

Ting Chou • Jenny Kowalski

Alyssa Hamilton • Craig Moscony

Ting Chou

Ting's work focuses on human relationships. She weaves narrative into her designs and illustrations while exploring a variety of visual styles and forms. She integrates her own cultural background into her work to foster an emotional connection with her audience.

Jenny Kowalski

Jenny uses design to empower audiences to think, create, and discover for themselves. She loves exploring new technologies to find new ways to learn and communicate. She’s always eager to join the club, get involved, and pick up new skills.

Alyssa Hamilton

Alyssa is a designer and illustrator creating work that is tactile and focuses on human experiences. She always enjoys a good book, meals with friends, and learning about cultural customs. Alyssa shines the brightest when she’s helping companies look their best.

Craig Moscony

Craig is a designer and illustrator working in print and interactive forms. He is often inspired by the natural and the unusual to tell stories that engage and amuse his audiences. He’s always ready to dig into a new design project.

Please join us in celebrating our MFA Thesis Show.



Temple Contemporary

Tyler School of Art

2001 N. 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122




April 20  |  6–8pm

On View

April 18–21  |  11am–6pm