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Here at Tyler School of Art we practice the design fundamentals: solid concepts, robust work ethic and impeccable craft.

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The 2013 Tyler School of Art
Graphic & Interactive Design

Please join us for our reception.

Friday, May 3, 6–8 pm

Temple Contemporary
2001 N 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA »

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EMILY COLBURN is a certified snack connoisseur. She specializes in eating pretzels, pairing colors, and drawing faster than a speeding pigeon.

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DAHYE LEE is a fashionista with an eye for all things fabulous. She excels at staying warm, American swear words, and kick-ass design.

BRYAN SATALINO is a multi-disciplinary designer and jack-of-all-trades. He values craftsmanship, rare earth magnets, and obscure facts.

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LYDIA NICHOLS is an authentic redhead, avid tea-drinker, and anthropomorphizer. She shines at creating cheerful illustrations with rosy cheeks.

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CALEB HEISEY is a sharp-witted wisenheimer with a penchant for the dark and ominous. When not engulfed in research, he continues his quest to find the best Asian food Philly has to offer.

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MIRIM SEO is a regular day-sleeper. She can be found sipping Starbucks, sending small packages, and illustrating ridiculously adorable animals.

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